120 years is also mentioned in the oldest textbook of internal medicine, the Nei Ching – the 4500 year-old classic of Chinese medicine. Where it says “In ancient times, people lived to be 120 years old with no sign of weakening . . .”

By contrast, the average life expectancy in the U.S. hovers around 78 to 79 years. The reason our life expectancy is so relatively short is because of factors that hasten our biological aging. The good news is that most of these factors are within our control.

Club 120 Plus is a club or community of people who make a commitment to doing what is possible to extend our healthy life up to 120 years.

We add “Plus” to our name because we want more than longevity for you.

We want to help you attain and preserve health, success, happiness and peace.

We want to support you to be healthy enough to enjoy your life, achieve your dreams, and lead a productive, meaningful 120 years or however many the Lord give you.

We regularly send out tips to help you achieve vibrant longevity and achieve your goals.

It’s Free to join. Just sign up below and subscribe to our Youtube channel @Dr.Shintani For Your Health.


Discover here.



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